How do you recognize a Green? And how do you work with one?

Greens (also known as Cautious, Stabilizers or Conciliators) need security, stability and a formal framework in which to work. They protect their assets, for themselves, their family and their business.

Calm, thoughtful, discreet, reserved, stable, amiable, he accepts his professional environment.

He finds it difficult to make up his mind, and insists on surrounding himself with every guarantee. He is recognized by those around him as a solid value and a pillar to be reckoned with.

The Green is focused on the harmony and well-being of his environment. In a team, he’s the one who seeks to create a space where everyone feels heard and respected. Calm and patient, he favors collaboration and makes decisions taking everyone’s opinions into account. But he will never impose his point of view. He appreciates teamwork, but will never take the lead.

Working with a Green requires patience and sensitivity. Their priority is to maintain balance and avoid conflict. To involve them effectively, make sure you create a climate of trust and mutual respect. Listen carefully to their concerns and take the time to discuss different perspectives. Their ability to see nuances and find compromises can be extremely valuable in resolving conflicts within the team. Greens don’t like conflict.

However, Greens do have their limits. Their desire for consensus can sometimes make them reluctant to make firm decisions, and they may find it difficult to express their own needs and opinions. It’s important to encourage them to take a stand and defend their convictions, while always respecting the opinions of other team members.

To work effectively with a Green, foster open communication and encourage collaboration.

Involve them in the decision-making process and make sure they feel heard and valued. Their ability to ease tensions and find creative solutions can contribute significantly to the team’s success.

Ultimately, working with a Green can create a harmonious and inclusive working environment. Their sensitivity and empathy can strengthen team bonds and foster effective collaboration towards common goals. For cohesion, the team needs Greens in its midst.

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