🍂 Squash soup… or grimace soup? Chances and risks of internal promotion 🍂

The arrival of autumn marks the beginning of the pumpkin soup, and with it the preparation of annual appraisal interviews. These are often followed by internal promotions, sometimes motivated by the fear of losing valuable talent. But what about the preparation process? Are these promotions a moment of pleasure or anguish for your organisation?

At Versus Talent Profile, we understand the importance of making informed promotion decisions. Here’s an approach that makes sense:
Define job expectations: Before promoting from within, make sure that the ideal profile of the role to be filled is well defined, not only in terms of job-related skills, but also the social skills needed to succeed in the new role. Our JobProfile tool helps you to establish the ideal behavioural profile for each role. You can even create a repository of social skills for all your jobs!
Soft skills and behaviour: Technical skills are rarely enough. Soft skills, such as the ability to work in a team or take decisions, are crucial. “PersProfile assesses these and many other behavioural skills.
Anticipate future needs: A promotion should not only meet current needs, but also anticipate future ones. “JobVision RIASEC” helps to steer careers towards promising areas.
Reduce the risk of regression: A poorly prepared promotion can lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction among the employee and a drop in the productivity of the whole team. Versus Talent Profile assessments help to minimise this risk.

Develop empathy: Empathy is essential in promotion management. Our “Empathy” tool measures the behavioural recognition of individuals or a team, fostering harmonious relations between the future manager and his or her environment.
The “Peter Principle” reminds us that individuals can be promoted until they reach their level of incompetence. This means that a poorly prepared promotion can not only lead to the loss of an excellent productivity force, but can also create serious problems within the organisation.
Don’t forget that well-planned internal promotions benefit both the company and the employees. We’re here to help you make informed decisions and create an environment conducive to professional growth and fulfilment.
Make autumn a time for reflection and preparation, rather than a season for grimacing.

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