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How do you say No?

Saying “no” effectively is crucial in the world of sales. It is possible to do so with finesse and professionalism. And this ability, among many others, is tested in our SalesTest assessment tool for sales staff.

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“Pa capona” (never give up).

It was the tragedy experienced by Alexei Navalny and his family that inspired these reflections.
Pas capona. It’s an expression from the Valais dialect that inspires and motivates us every day. In difficult times, let’s remember this motto!

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Thanks, but my son has already chosen!

One day, an acquaintance of mine, the mother of a young man of 20, to whom I offered a JobVision assessment in order to confirm her pre-choices in terms of training at a Polytechnic, replied:

“Thank you that’s too kind, but my son has already chosen his profession, he’s going to be an engineer.”

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Do our apologies mark our limits? How do we make amends?

In my professional life, it has taken me some time and many years of experience to understand the value of acknowledging my mistakes, not just privately but also professionally. Apologising and making amends is an essential aspect of personal and professional development.

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How are decisions made in your organisation? Top-down, bottom-up, or another participative model?

Business decision-making is a crucial aspect that directly influences organisational dynamics and the overall success of an organisation. When it comes to choosing between Top-down and Bottom-up approaches, or exploring other decision-making models, the use of Softskills will play a significant role in understanding the skills needed to make effective decisions.

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Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater: An Emotional Enlightenment

In the vast ocean of emotions, this old proverb resonates like a beacon of emotional wisdom. Imagine yourself in a bathroom full of water, holding a baby gently in your arms. When it’s time to empty the tub, the expression reminds us of the need to keep our eye on the essentials while getting rid of the unnecessary.

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Helvartis and Versus: 25 years of collaboration

It’s fantastic to be celebrating a long-standing collaboration with Helvartis in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the umbrella organisation for Commercial Practice Enterprises, which is part of the worldwide network of REEP EURO ENT’ENT Training or Educational Enterprises.

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Emotional Intelligence, a pillar of human skills

Emotional Intelligence, a pillar of human skills, has its founding fathers and disciples who continue to propagate its importance. Let’s find out who the visionaries behind this revolutionary concept are and how it impacts our behavioural assessment.

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Contradictions in behavioural comments

Contradictions in behavioural comments can say a lot about the adaptability of your candidates or employees.
Explore how our flagship assessment, PersProfile, reveals both the richness and complexity of human profiles.

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Versus Talent Profile & Altamedia

New Partnership with Altamedia!

We are pleased and proud to welcome Altamedia to the circle of partners of Versus Talent Profile.
Altamedia specializes in customer relationship management.

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Versus team wishes you a wonderful 2023!

Twelve months ago, I wished that 2022 would be the year when the global health crisis would end.
If today the world seems reassured about the pandemic, other issues of concern have emerged.

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