Behavioural Assessment


Using Versus’ Tools, we carry out behavioural assessments of teams, departments and members of leadership team.

The procedure is to invite each member of the management team or other team members to fill out :

  • PersProfile which helps each individual to understand his/her behavioural patterns, and
  • JobProfile questionnaire giving his/her vision of his/her function.

It is also possible to ask participants to respond to :

  • Empathy, to assess the individual ability to recognise behavioural patterns of others and adapt behavioural style to improve collaboration and interpersonal communication, and
  • PersProfile360 to perform a 360-degree assessment. With PersProfile360, the individual’s social skills and motivations are assessed through the eyes of colleagues and other people with whom they frequently interact, such as supervisors, employees, co-workers, and/or internal/external customers. These additional views of an individual’s behaviour give a more nuanced understanding of competencies and development areas.

This will provide a comprehensive behavioural assessment to be presented in plenary session. The results are also returned to each participant, with a call to action for the plenary session.

A half day plenary session is organised to present:

  • The typology used by PersProfile for each module used in the trainings to raise awareness.
  • Individual graphic results, either with the person’s first and last name or in an anonymous mode.
  • A graphic illustration of the positioning of each profile on the behavioural model.
  • The average profile of all participants, sub-grouped by department as needed.
  • A table showing all the individual values, with a marking of the extremes.
  • The concept Homogeneity versus Heterogeneity, with the impact it has on the company and showing the advantages and disadvantages, with the recipe: The team must be heterogeneous in its behavioural composition, but homogeneous in its quest for common goals.
  • Empathy results (anonymously), to show the gaps within the organization in terms of behavioural recognition, and the progress targets for those concerned (training, coaching).
  • PersProfile360 assessment, to set up individual measures to reduce the gap between the personal impression of own behaviour patterns and the perception of others.
  • Areas for improvement by department or for the whole.
Behavioural Assessment

Average profil

Behavioural Assessment
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