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Our global network of Versus-certified partners uses the Versus Profiling Suite of assessment solutions to help the individuals, organisations and teams they service to accelerate success through a greater understanding of themselves and others.

Versus solutions offer our partners and their clients tools that are:

  • Reliable and science-based
  • Quick and easy-to-use for both individuals and teams
  • In simple, accessible language
  • Providing practical, strengths-based feedback
  • Multilingual and globally available​

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Are you a coach, facilitator, recruiter or learning and development professional looking to complement and enhance your client services offerings?

We offer our partners Versus-certification that is designed to provide a more in-depth understanding of our solutions, helping partners to make full use of them for the benefit of their clients and businesses.

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Looking for a coach or facilitator to help guide your professional development or to conduct team or leadership development programs for your organisation?

By choosing a Versus-certified practitioner, you can be confident of skilled facilitation and quality outcomes with actionable insights that help empower individuals and teams to reach their professional goals.

Certification Q&A

Why become certified?

We require certification to become a Versus partner, however, it is not required to use our assessments. Versus assessments are especially appreciated by our customers for their ease of use and simple, clear language. As a result, anyone can use our assessments without training and still benefit. Nevertheless, certification provides a more in-depth understanding of our solutions. During our certification programs, we regularly observe that even participants who are very familiar with the use of psychometric instruments highly value the opportunity to discover subtleties and clues for interpreting the assessment results and using them to their full potential. Versus partnerships are a collaboration of ongoing and mutual benefit to our businesses and our clients.

What is the format?

Certification is designed for professionals involved in coaching, facilitation, recruitment or learning-and-development and requires participation in a training seminar of between two and four half-days (depending on the experience of the participants). The training can be delivered as a virtual program or through in-house sessions. The certificate is awarded at the end of the seminar after completing a review of the knowledge acquired. Occasional workshops are also held for partners to refresh certification as needed to integrate product improvements or relevant new findings in the field of behavioural psychology.

What are the benefits?

Our certification program relies on our 20+ years of client experience and talent profiling expertise. The training has a priority focus on our PersProfile and JobProfile psychometric tools and is designed to:
  • Grow expertise in Versus assessment solutions and their use, interpretation and delivery
  • Increase understanding of behavioural typologies and their origins
  • Enhance competence in delivering and unpacking candidate results in a debrief or coaching session
  • Prepare practitioners to effectively leverage the job profile for recruitment purposes
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