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JobProfile is a recruitment and talent management tool that defines the desired personality and behavioural traits suitable for a job. It streamlines the recruitment process by facilitating the creation of an ideal candidate profile for a given role and team.

JobProfile is based on the PersProfile assessment approach, which is built around the modern psychology theories and typologies of behavioural analysis of Carl Jung and William Marston and research on emotional intelligence by Peter Salovey and Daniel Goleman.

  • Easy-to-implement
  • Use alone or with PersProfile
  • Reliable and science-based
  • Simple, accessible language
  • Multilingual and globally available

Define the ideal profile for your team and attract the right people for your business.

More easily gain hiring team alignment

It is often easier to define hard skills required to do a job than soft skills that are needed to be successful in a role. JobProfile helps gain hiring team alignment to the ideal soft skills for a given position and team.

Recruit better qualified job applicants

How a job is advertised determines who applies. JobProfile helps ensure the job description you develop includes the characteristics that will attract the right people, those who will easily recognise themselves as good-fit candidates for the role.

Identify and hire the right candidates

Together with PersProfile assessment, JobProfile allows easy reference of candidate profiles against an ideal soft skills profile, helping identify best-fit candidates and remove subjectivity in the candidate selection process.

Enhance talent management processes

JobProfile allows creation of a repository of company job profiles to instantly reference a typical soft skills profile for a position, whether for recruitment, employee development, mobility or succession planning purposes.

Get a concise, easy-reference behavioural model.

JobProfile provides a 2-page summary of the most appropriate behavioural characteristics for a job. Graphical interpretations visually reinforce key characteristics and allow quick comparison with PersProfile candidate assessment results, making it easy to identify candidates who possess similar traits to the ideal profile. Suggestions are included for developing and augmenting the model to ensure it is well-defined as an ideal candidate profile for a given job and team.

Are you ready to get started?

  • The JobProfile questionnaire takes on average just 12 minutes for respondents to complete
  • It includes 45 easy-answer questions designed for respondents who are familiar with the job
  • The behavioural model is received by email shortly after questionnaire completion
  • JobProfile is available in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish
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