Empathy assesses relational skills based on the ability to recognise behavioural patterns of others and adapt behavioural style to improve collaboration and interpersonal communication.

Developed by sales training specialists, Empathy focuses on key skills needed for roles requiring particularly effective, convincing or persuasive interpersonal communication, such as those involving:

  • Personal selling
  • Customer service
  • Team leadership
  • Project management
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict resolution

Empathy assessment helps you hire and develop the right people for the right roles.

  • Improve recruiting and candidate selection for roles requiring empathy skills
  • Identify high potential candidates and employee mobility opportunities
  • Determine coaching needs and opportunities to develop the relational skills of existing staff

With Empathy results, effective communicators stand out clearly.

Skills assessed:

  • Behavioural recognition — skill in identifying the behavioural profile type of an interlocutor
  • Behavioural adaptation — skill in choosing a communication style best adapted to the behavioural type

Report includes:

  • An introduction to Empathy assessment and the skills evaluated
  • Results summary including graphical form for easy reference and candidate comparison
  • Detailed description of results including strengths, development opportunities and recommendations

Ready to get started?

  • Empathy takes on average 12 minutes for respondents to complete
  • The questionnaire is 111 multiple-choice questions
  • The 4-page Empathy report is received by email shortly after questionnaire completion
  • Assessment is available in English, French, German or Italian
As with all Versus assessments, responses and reports are treated confidentially.
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