SalesTest measures sales skills and aptitude with a focus on evaluation of core competencies required for successful personal selling as well as business development, pre-sales and account management roles.

Developed by sales training specialists, SalesTest is applicable across industries and business environments, and especially suited to the sale of services, financial products and consumer goods. 

Covers 3 areas of core competence:

  • Insightful needs identification
  • Persuasive argumentation
  • Effective objection handling

SalesTest helps you improve salesforce recruitment and commercial performance.

Increase recruitment efficiency

Streamline candidate selection by screening up-front for key sales skills.

Hire the right sales people

Identify high potential candidates who possess strong sales skills and aptitude.

Develop your sales team

Identify skills training opportunities and strengths to leverage

Build a winning sales team

Foster a growth mind-set and a more success-oriented salesforce.

SalesTest results summarise strengths and development opportunities across 7 key skills.

Skills assessed:

  1. First contact and customer recognition — discovery of needs and ensuring the first meeting runs smoothly
  2. Behavioural recognition — identifying the behavioural profile of the prospective client
  3. Behavioural adaptation — choosing the presentation best adapted to the behavioural profile
  4. Argumentation — developing a coherent product presentation
  5. Dealing with objections — dealing with objections in a positive manner
  6. Negotiation — applying a win-win approach to negotiation
  7. Contracting — putting together an efficient conclusion strategy

Report includes:

  • An introduction to SalesTest assessment and the competencies and skills evaluated
  • Results summary including points achieved by skill in graphical form for easy reference and candidate comparison
  • Detailed description of results including strengths, development opportunities and recommendations

SalesTest Philosophy

For companies that rely on a salesforce, finding and developing sales talent is critical for success. Sales people are a direct reflection of a company and a skilled sales team creates opportunities. This is the “why” behind SalesTest.

"Don't wait for opportunity.
Create it."

Often heard motivational advice, unknown author

Ready to get started ?

  • SalesTest takes on average 70 minutes for respondents to complete
  • The questionnaire is 210 situation-based, multiple-choice questions
  • The 5-page SaleTest report is received by email shortly after questionnaire completion
  • Assessment is available in English, French, German or Italian

As with all Versus assessments, responses and reports are treated confidentially. 


SalesTest is also available as a “light” version. SalesTestEasy takes on average only 12 minutes for respondents to complete. It is particularly useful for salesforce recruitment purposes providing a quick and objective measure to screen applicants and narrow candidate selection.

The Easy questionnaire is 32 questions and the report is 3 pages, covering the following skills:

  • Discover and argue — ensuring a smooth first contact, recognising needs and developing argumentation
  • Negotiate and contract — dealing positively with objections to obtain agreement or acceptable compromises
  • Managing behavioural patterns — identifying motivations and adapting arguments to expectations
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