Hospitality assesses relational skills and aptitude for roles where interpersonal communication, relationship building, collaboration, initiative and decision-making while interacting with customers are essential.

Developed by specialists in hospitality and designed for industries such as retail, tourism, hotels, restaurants, events, entertainment and customer services. 

Covers the following areas of core competence:

  • Client relationships and outreach
  • Team spirit and collaboration
  • Leadership and initiative

Hospitality assessment helps you hire and develop the right people.

  • Improve recruiting and candidate selection for hospitality roles
  • Identify high potential candidates and employee mobility opportunities
  • Determine coaching and staff development needs

Hospitality results summarise strengths and development opportunities.

Skills assessed:

  • Client relationship and outreach  — skills in approaching and interacting with clients, empathy, courtesy, listening skills and behaviour toward the client
  • Team spirit and collaboration — skills working together with the internal team in the interests of the company or business, maintaining a helpful attitude and spirit of unsolicited cooperation
  • Leadership and initiative — decision-making skills in both usual and unusual situations, demonstrating initiative and the ability to take responsibility and action when needed

Report includes:

  • An introduction to Hospitality assessment and the competencies and skills evaluated
  • Results summary including graphical form for easy reference and candidate comparison
  • Detailed description of results including strengths, development opportunities and recommendations
  • If relevant, an assessor report version is provided with suggestions for the candidate debrief

Get started in just 10 minutes

  • Hospitality takes on average only 10 minutes for respondents to complete
  • The questionnaire is 30 situation-based, multiple-choice questions
  • The 3-page Hospitality report is received by email shortly after questionnaire completion
  • Assessment is available in English, French, German or Italian
As with all Versus assessments, responses and reports are treated confidentially.
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