Partnership with the IPT Foundation

The entire staff of the IPT Foundation is united by a common goal: to promote professional reintegration and offer support where it is most needed. Nearly 200 specialists in 11 cantons across all of Switzerland’s linguistic regions are dedicated to this mission. A beacon of hope for many people seeking to (re)find their professional place in society.

The use of PersProfile and JobProfile will serve to cover IPT’s internal recruitment needs for qualified personnel.
For Katia Roos, HR Manager and PersProfile certified, the entire management team is highly motivated by the use of solutions which she considers to be simple, fast, modern, multi-language and based on the color method.

Félix Comby, CEO of Versus Talent Profile, comments: “By working with the IPT Foundation, we do more than just deliver behavioral assessment results. We’re helping them to identify and recruit the best talent more easily, and to improve the collaboration of their teams by unleashing their full potential”.
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