“Pa capona” (never give up).

It was the tragedy experienced by Alexei Navalny and his family that inspired these reflections.

Pas capona. It’s an expression from the Valais dialect that inspires and motivates us every day. In difficult times, let’s remember this motto!

It encourages us to persevere, to overcome obstacles with determination. Every challenge we overcome strengthens our resilience and self-confidence.

It’s a state of mind that leads to success and personal fulfilment, by finding that strength deep within you. When you feel discouraged, think of those who have persisted despite adversity.

The road to success is rarely easy, and every step counts. Every failure is a lesson, every obstacle an opportunity to grow. Isn’t it said that experience is the sum of our mistakes?

Perseverance distinguishes those who achieve their goals from those who give up. It’s the inner strength that keeps us going, even when things look bleak.

Remember your dreams and the reasons why you started on this journey. Visualise yourself already overcoming the difficulties, savouring the victory.

Perseverance builds character and shapes our destiny. It turns challenges into opportunities and failures into future successes. So, even when you’re feeling tired, keep going step by step.

Nothing is impossible for those who persevere with courage and determination. Never give up on your dreams, because they are worth every effort. Every obstacle you overcome brings you a little closer to your ultimate goal.

So always remember: “Pa capona. Never give up”.

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