The personality red carpet: Discover how PersProfile highlights the unique facets of those who make their mark on the world of politics, the arts and entertainment.

** A journey through the eight dimensions of the PersProfile colour method. Discover who shines in which hue! **

PersProfile, built using the colour method, expresses needs and motivations, not abilities.
Dominance (need to dominate those around him): Donald Trump is generally perceived as a dominant individual. His assertive leadership style and desire to take control are characteristic traits of his profile. Colour: Red.
Sociability (need to influence others): Beyoncé is a major influencer in music and popular culture. Her impact transcends the music scene, reflecting the dimension of influence through communication. Colour: Yellow.
Security and resilience: (need to protect those around him): Warren Buffett is an example of this profile. His cautious approach to investments and his quest for financial stability make him an example of someone who attaches major importance to security. Colour: Green.
Method and rigour (need to achieve perfection): The late Steve Jobs is often cited as a methodical and rigorous individual in his approach to running Apple. His obsession with perfection and attention to detail was legendary. Colour: Blue.
And the Jungian dimensions:

Extraversion (draws energy from social interaction): The equally late Freddie Mercury. The Queen frontman was an extrovert and charismatic performer, known for his energetic stage performances. Colour: Where Red meets Yellow.
Introversion (draws energy from introspection and observation): Susan Cain popularised the understanding of introversion, championing the qualities of introverts and their importance in society. Colours: At the intersection of Blue and Green.
Rationality (draws its energy from the Cartesian approach): Angela Merkel, former German Chancellor, was often seen as a rational political leader, emphasising decision-making based on data and facts. Colours: At the intersection of Red and Blue.
Emotionality (draws energy from dealing with emotions, empathy): Bob Dylan, folk and rock poet, known for his profound lyrics and thoughtful songs. He best embodies the dimension of emotionality and intuition.
It’s important to note that these personalities can also have traits of other dimensions; a profile is rarely just one colour.

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