Versus team wishes you a wonderful 2023!

Twelve months ago, I wished for the end of the global health crisis. If today the world seems reassured about the pandemic, other issues of concern have emerged. The war in Ukraine leaves no one indifferent. We also face other challenges such as climate change, the loss of a sense of values in many countries and high inflation.

We can also see brightness with the lowest unemployment rate in many years and a strong Europe being united more than ever.

Looking at Versus, one of our goals was to significantly improve our visibility. We achieved this through multiple initiatives.

First, we published five new client’s testimonials (Our Customers – Versus Profile) on our new website and various social media:

  • Elmar Remondino, Groupe Mutuel sales training manager, shared how they build a world-class sales force with PersProfile and SalesTest.
  • Isabelle Gessler & Erwann Duros from the Clinique romande de réadaptation made us discover how Suva selects Talents in an environment where empathy and courage take precedence using PersProfile.
  • Philippe Grégoris, founder of M3VA, told with us how his company uses Versus PersProfile assessment to help his clients develop high-performing teams.
  • Laure Beauvais & Stéphanie Angelucci from Pemsa Group and its subsidiary Multi Personnel explained how they uses PersProfile and Lingua to select the right talent for each job.
  • Janine & Daniel Ahlers, managing partners of Centre for Coaching, which is one of the few coaching organization capable of operating at a global level, shared with us how they develop top quality executive coaches as well as leaders who want to build coaching skills using Versus PersProfile and PersProfile360.

We also organized conferences presenting clients’ success stories which were greatly appreciated.

Finally, Versus participated in the Salon RH in Geneva last October, which resulted in a number of meetings that led to business successes and ongoing training.

Your feedback, dear customers and partners in Switzerland, Europe, Africa and elsewhere in the world, shows us, day after day, how much our solutions and support are appreciated. Thank you for gives us your trust and feedback. This gives us strong motivations to do even better in 2023. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

On behalf of the entire Versus team, I wish you all a wonderful and successful 2023!

And may peace return!

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