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The motto of Pemsa Group is: “Live work differently”. Pemsa Group was certified a “Great Place To Work”. To achieve this, our teams do their utmost to ensure that each candidate finds a job that suits their skills and interests. PersProfile & Lingua are part of the toolbox. Discover Pemsa Group’ story here…

Laure Beauvais, HR Director of Pemsa Group & Stéphanie Angelucci, Director of Multi Personnel agency in Lausanne

Laure Beauvais and Stéphanie Angelucci are sharing with us how they use PersProfile and Lingua to select the right talent for each job. This is to ensure that all talents flourish through a rewarding recruitment experience and a successful career… a winning recipe for both Pemsa Group’s clients and the candidates!

Pemsa Group, certified “Great Place To Work”

With its thousand employees, multiple branches and different brands, Pemsa Group has expertise and decades of experience in recruiting qualified personnel in multiple sectors.  With its specialised brands, such as Pemsa, Multi Personnel, Assisteo, Teameo, MBT AG, Pemsa Group offers tailor-made solutions to its partners in human resources management.  

Laure, could you tell us about yourself and your role within the Pemsa Group?

I joined Pemsa Group in 2010 as HR assistant. I had the opportunity to learn, develop my skills and evolve within the group and I am now in charge of the Human Resources department since 2016.

Our mission is to redefine human resources management and the opportunities for everyone to progress in the professional world, both for the employees of the group and for the employees we place with our clients.

Flexibility and innovation are part of our DNA. This mindset allows us to react quickly and allows each employee to develop and offer the best of themselves.

Stéphanie, could you tell us about yourself and your role within Multi Personnel?

Since 2021, I have joined Multi Personnel – Lausanne as Agency Director. With 12 years of experience, it is essential for me to put the human element at the centre of the recruitment process while using innovative tools that benefit both the candidate and the client and help in the decision-making process.

Based in Geneva and Lausanne, Multi Personnel specialises in the recruitment and placement of qualified personnel and executives, mainly in the tertiary and banking sectors. The Geneva office is managed by my colleague Sophie Rautenstrauch.

In our quest for excellence, we use PersProfile. This behavioural and personality analysis tool allows us to get to know the candidates better and to engage with them more deeply. Candidates are always very interested by the results. This allows us to define together the role(s) and work environment that best suit them – clearly the key to success.

Could you tell us more about the use of PersProfile and Lingua?

We use Versus PersProfile both in the selection process of our employees and in the selection of candidates to work for our clients. The information contained in PersProfile’s extensive report allows us to make more informed choices and streamline our recommendations to our various clients. As the report is easy to understand, we also send a copy of the standard report to all candidates. This gives them the opportunity to use the information contained in the report for their professional and even personal development. Candidates really appreciate the debriefing of PersProfile, it creates an environment open to dialogue and transparency.

PersProfile is also used with our internal staff to improve communication within the teams and to prevent conflicts, thus creating close-knit, high-performance teams, again in the interests of our group and its customers.

Lingua, a battery of language tests developed by Versus in collaboration with a leading language school, enables us to assess the level of French, German, and English of our candidates. All these results add professionalism to our work and recommendations.

Could you share with us some of the feedback you are getting on PersProfile and Lingua?

Here are some examples of the feedback we have received on PersProfile:

  • “A very interesting test to know what state of mind I am in, to target my research and adapt my speech.”
  •  “Very relevant to my research and interviews. It helps to position myself and my strengths and weaknesses.”

Here are also some examples of comments on Lingua:

  • “Thank you Stephanie, I can certify my current level, this will help me in my research.”
  • “The test is very comprehensive and allows for certification of oral and written skills.

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