Better recruit, collaborate, train, present yourself, sell… with psychometric tools.

A successful meeting with the users of Versus tools…

On March 29, we organized a meeting in Sion with users of our psychometric tools including the Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR Sion), Groupe Mutuel, and the Haute école de santé de Genève (HEdS). The topic was: better recruit, collaborate, train, present yourself, sell… with psychometric tools. Participants had the pleasure of listening to:
  • Sébastien Rhoner, General Agent of Groupe Mutuel. Mr. Rhoner presented Groupe Mutuel, the strategy, and their objectives,
  • Isabelle Gessler, Deputy Director at the CRR of Sion. Ms. Gessler presented the CRR and how she uses PersProfile for better team cohesion, conflict resolution and improved communication,
  • Erwann Duros, HR specialist at the CRR of Sion. Mr. Duros demonstrated the added value of PersProfile in the recruitment process and the positive impact on the candidate experience,
  • Elmar Remondino, head of Groupe Mutuel’s GMAcademy, explained the advantages of using SalesTest and PersProfile for the recruitment and training of sales force,
  • Laure Oriol, business coach within the eponymous company, shared her experience during her interventions at the HEdS to offer final year students the opportunity to improve their personal brand before entering the job market using PersProfile,
  • Félix Comby, CEO of Versus. Félix presented the benefits of Other Versus tools including JobProfile, JobVision, Empathy and Hospitality.

    Following the presentations, Ludovic Bruchez led a Round Table giving rise to both rich and very interesting exchanges. The day ended with an Aperitif worthy of the Valais.

    You can see meeting highlights in this video:

A great meeting with quality people and beautiful exchanges.

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