2022 Product Highlights : What’s New for Clients and Partners in the New Year

I am pleased to announce our 2022 product news and updates available to clients and partners in the new year. We have enhanced the content of our assessment reports and created new report options including an extended content option for PersProfile with more detailed information on behavioural motivations. For your convenience, we are also launching a new pay-per-order payment system. ​

Following are the highlights:

  • Results reports with more visual possibilities and integration of the new Versus branding. ​
  • Improvements in the content of commentaries for PersProfile, JobVision, SalesTest and Hospitality. ​
  • The availability of new PersProfile report templates: Standard and Extended. If you would like a sample of these reports, please contact us at support@versusprofile.com. Unless you indicate otherwise, we will maintain the old layout. ​
  • The introduction of a page on the detailed motivations of 43 personality and behavioural criteria in the PersProfile Extended report. ​
  • A pay-per-order payment system for assessment purchasing. This system is installed on the client or partner account opened on our Cloud platform. Payments will initially be done through Paypal, although we have plans to expand payment options. This payment system may be used for purchase of any of our Versus Talent Profiling Suite of products. For more information about how it works and the conditions for using the system, please contact us at support@versusprofile.com.

A reminder:
All Versus Talent Profiling Suite product reports are created from modular templates. Templates already exist, especially for PersProfile — from a short 2-page version to a 17-page Extended version. If you would like to create a special version, we are happy to consider your request.

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