Do our apologies mark our limits? How do we make amends?

In my professional life, it has taken me some time and many years of experience to understand the value of acknowledging my mistakes, not just privately but also professionally. Apologising and making amends is an essential aspect of personal and professional development.

Acknowledging our mistakes demonstrates a high level of emotional intelligence. Admitting that our limitations can influence our actions is the first step towards continued growth.

When an apology is necessary, make sure it is sincere and credible. Clearly identify the situation, recognise the impact of the mistake and propose a proactive solution. Show our commitment to continuous improvement.

We often hear people say: I’m sorry! As an old teacher of mine used to say, who are you to be able to forgive yourself!

To sum up, any request for an apology should address the following aspects (the message also applies to company directors whose department has failed or politicians who get caught out, as was the case very recently in a neighbouring and friendly country):

Let’s start with a friendly greeting. Briefly set out the context of the error.

Be direct and honest in acknowledging the error. Express our regrets and show that we understand the impact of our actions.

Take responsibility for your actions. Avoid justifying, but briefly explain the circumstances for contextual understanding.

Detail the steps taken to rectify the situation. This may include immediate action or measures to prevent it happening again.

Commitment to improvement:
Let’s express our commitment to learning from this experience and putting in place preventative measures for the future.

And finally, let’s end on an optimistic note, showing that we are ready to move forward and continue to offer quality services.

You are welcome to share your own personal experiences in the comments. See you soon.

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