How do you recognize a Blue? And how do you work with them?

Blue people (also known as Analytical or Perfectionists) need to proceed by analysis.

They seek technical perfection and complex project management. They love regulations, procedures, graphs and figures, and above all they need to work methodically.

A man or woman with a file, they take their time and don’t let themselves be destabilized either by their environment or by external pressure. Motivated by perfect situations and rigor, they have a deep respect for hierarchy.

The Blue is characterized by its methodical and rigorous approach. In a professional context, they excel at analyzing data, managing complex projects and following established rules.

If you’re looking for a planner for your project, choose a Blue.

To work effectively with a Blue, it’s essential to understand and appreciate their need for precision and structure. They value technical perfection and are drawn to numbers and graphics. To involve them in a project, provide them with detailed information and clear guidelines. Be ready to answer their questions and discuss technical details.

However, Blues do have their limits. Their perfectionism can sometimes make them intransigent, and they can be negatively influenced by fear of error. It’s important to encourage them to take calculated risks and understand that failure is part of the learning process.

To get the most out of a Blue, value his or her expertise and ability to handle complex situations. Involve them in project planning and execution, giving them the freedom to work at their own pace. Show them that you respect their work and their dedication to excellence.

Ultimately, working with a Blue can bring much-needed precision and reliability to your team. His thoughtful, methodical approach can contribute to the success of ambitious, complex projects. Put a Blue on your team 😊

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