Team dynamics

Are there different models? Can they be reconciled?

In the professional world, team dynamics are a key success factor. At #VersusTalentProfile, we have developed two essential criteria for assessing this skill in our #PersProfile and #JobProfile tools. These criteria are a sense of belonging and team spirit.

➡️ The sense of belonging represents the need to be part of a team. It’s the employee who feels integrated and at ease in a group. They work well with others, respect team norms and rules, and contribute positively to common goals. This type of profile is crucial to maintaining a harmonious, cooperative atmosphere within the team. They are the pillars on which group cohesion rests, providing indispensable stability.

Imagine Sophie, joining a new company. From day one, she gets involved in projects, collaborates effectively and creates strong bonds with her colleagues. She doesn’t seek to lead, but ensures that everyone feels included and supported. Her sense of belonging reinforces team spirit and contributes to a positive corporate culture.

➡️ Team spirit goes a step further. This criterion measures an individual’s ability to take responsibility for supporting and leading the team. These people don’t just follow, they take the lead, motivate their colleagues and don’t hesitate to make decisions to move projects forward. They play a key role in the team’s dynamism and performance.

Take Marc, for example. As well as being an excellent team player, he doesn’t hesitate to propose innovative solutions, organize tasks and encourage his colleagues. His team spirit drives him to take responsibility for achieving common goals. Marc is often perceived as a natural leader, someone who can be counted on to guide and inspire.

➡️ These two criteria are complementary. A sense of belonging is essential to ensure a solid, harmonious foundation, while a driving team spirit pushes the team to surpass itself and achieve higher levels of performance. At Versus Talent, we understand the importance of these nuances and offer precise tools for assessing these skills, enabling companies to build balanced, high-performance teams.

By integrating these criteria into your recruitment and talent management processes, you can create teams that not only work well together, but are also ready to meet challenges and innovate. To find out more about our assessment solutions, discover PersProfile and JobProfile on our website. Or visit our store.

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