Soft Skills… A fad? Let me tell you a little story

I was chatting recently with a skeptic, smiling, who blurts out, “Soft Skills, isn’t that just a fad?” Well, my answer came out like a geyser:

Soft Skills are to a team’s effectiveness what roots are to a tree.

Let me explain why, with a touch of humor and a few anecdotes linked to my love of mushroom-seeking walks in the forest:

➡️ Communication: You know, it’s like that time you played phone tag. Without good communication, everything ends in cacophony. Like a tree’s roots reaching out for nutrients, effective communication allows the team to flourish.

➡️ Collaboration: Remember group projects at school? When everyone worked together, it was magical. Like the roots of a tree supporting each other, collaboration is essential to a team’s success.

➡️ Adaptability: Think of a chameleon in the office. Yes, it’s a funny image, but teams need to be just as flexible. Like roots that adapt to the most unlikely terrain to find nutrients, adaptability enables the team to overcome challenges.

➡️ Empathy: Remember that rainy, windy Monday when your colleague brought in a mountain of butter croissants for everyone? That’s pure empathy. Like roots that share resources, empathy supports every team member, making difficult days more bearable.

➡️ Problem solving: Ah, the arguments over which restaurant to take for the annual meal. Thanks to soft skills, we resolve conflicts without throwing objects (or dishes) across the room. The roots, digging deep, find solutions to nourish the tree even in times of drought.

By investing in soft skills, you’re planting the seeds of a robust tree. And that tree, your team, will then be able to grow and prosper, even in the face of storms.

So, are soft skills just a fad? No, it’s the very foundation of a successful team. And that, dear skeptic, is as timeless as the roots of a sequoia tree!

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