Technical skills or behavioural skills: the dilemma facing sales professions. 🤔

“Sales: when the art of persuasion meets the science of behaviour. “
Technical skills or behavioural skills? This is a question that often comes up in discussions with sales managers, trainers and young junior salespeople. The answer? You need both, as is the case in most modern professions.
Indeed, in sales, the most crucial skills encompass both technical and behavioural skills.
Among the technical skills, it is obviously essential to master the knowledge of the products or services you are selling. However, beyond that, a solid command of sales techniques is just as crucial.
This includes the ability to discover and understand the customer’s needs (through questioning techniques), to present convincing arguments, to handle objections, to negotiate and to use effective sales methods.
All these elements form an integral part of the arsenal of the SalesTest tool, and in a more simplified way, of SalesTest Easy from Versus Talent Profile.

Versus goes even further with its Behavioural Recognition module. This module enables sales staff to quickly identify the behavioural profile of the person they are talking to, enabling them to understand their motivations and needs. As a result, they can adapt their sales pitch accordingly.
But what is the ultimate goal? Quite simply, it enables the sales manager to identify the specific training needs of each member of his team. In this way, he can assign each salesperson to the training modules that best correspond to their individual needs. Elementary, my dear Watson.
Finding and developing sales talent is essential for commercial success. After all, salespeople are a reflection of the company, and a talented sales team ensures its success. That’s why SalesTest exists.

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