Don’t sell the bear’s skin before you’ve killed it

We’re all familiar with the expression “don’t sell the bear’s skin before you’ve killed it”.

This popular wisdom reminds us never to take our desires for granted. At Versus, we like common-sense expressions, especially when they resonate with our assessment tools, such as PersProfile, JobProfile, JobVision.

Take the story of Kevin, an entrepreneur starting out with a revolutionary idea in a niche sector. This was 6 years ago. Convinced of the success of his project, he invested all his savings in production, without even testing his concept. Unfortunately, the market wasn’t ready, and he lost everything. Had he taken the time to assess the risks, to test his idea – in other words, to act prudently – the story could have been very different. Today, I know of two projects similar to Kevin’s that are all the rage on the market.

Prudence, one of the dimensions measured by PersProfile, helps you avoid this kind of mishap. It assesses your ability to remain realistic and anticipate obstacles before getting carried away. It’s a bit like being a scout in your own life: you observe, analyze and then act. Dynamism doesn’t exclude a certain caution. And vice versa.

So the next time you’re ready to sell the bear before you’ve killed it, consider PersProfile. It’ll help you see things with a bit more perspective, evaluate your decisions and move forward carefully but surely.

Do you have a position of responsibility in a company? Find out how PersProfile can help you measure and improve the distinctive skills of every member of your team?

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