How about Turnover and Training?

Here’s the turnover rate in Switzerland, according to the annual labor market report published by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

Retail sales and the hotel and catering sector both record high turnover rates. These sectors are often characterized by demanding working conditions and relatively low wages. Conversely, financial services and technology have lower turnover rates, thanks to attractive working conditions and more career opportunities. Health and care is a particular sector to which we’ll return in another article.

The importance of training

Training plays a crucial role in reducing turnover. By offering professional development programs, companies can:

  • Improve job satisfaction: Trained employees feel valued and see career prospects.
  • Enhance skills: Better training leads to improved performance and greater efficiency.
  • Increase retention: Opportunities for personal and professional growth encourage employees to stay.

The role of SalesTest and Hospitality

SalesTest measures specific sales skills, helping to identify areas requiring improvement. This makes it possible to :

  • Target training: Tailor programs to employees’ specific needs (after identifying targets for progress, we focus training on precise needs.
  • Improve performance: by reinforcing essential skills, sales staff will find it easier to achieve their objectives.
  • Reduce stress: Better preparation leads to less pressure and dissatisfaction.

Hospitality is designed for the hotel, restaurant and retail sectors. It assesses key skills such as hospitality, teamwork, initiative and decision-making. Using Hospitality, companies can:

  • Identify talent: Recruit employees with the skills needed to excel in demanding environments.
  • Improve service: Train employees to deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Retain staff: By recognizing and developing skills, employees feel more engaged and valued.

In short, investing in training and using tools like SalesTest and Hospitality not only reduces turnover, but also improves employee satisfaction and the quality of service offered to customers.

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