How do you recognize a Red? And how do you work with him?

The Red (also sometimes called Dominant, or Leader) needs to exert his or her hold and authority over his or her environment: surroundings and events.

They are goal/results-oriented, performance-driven, power-seeking and challenge-seeking.

By definition, he’s a go-getter, in a hurry, energetic, fast, impatient, factual, binary in his approach to solutions, and likes to decide. He generally does it alone. They need to be in control of the situation.

Recognizing a Red is often easy: he dominates the scene, results-oriented, eager for a challenge. In a team, he’s the one who takes the lead, impulsive, direct, sometimes even authoritarian. But how do you work with this boundless energy?

Working with a Red requires precision and speed. They’re results-oriented and want concrete solutions, right now! Forget long philosophical discussions: they want action. To collaborate effectively, present your ideas concisely and directly.

Draw up a clear diagram: objective, means, results. Show them you’re on the same wavelength and ready to take on the challenge.

Of course, Reds have their limits. Their impulsiveness can sometimes make them authoritarian, even aggressive. It’s essential to remain firm while respecting their need for control and power.

So how do you help them channel this boundless energy towards positive results? Encourage them to delegate tasks and listen to the ideas of other team members. Learn to negotiate with them – Reds like to win, but they also respect those who can challenge them intelligently.

Ultimately, working with a Red can be challenging and rewarding. Their drive and determination can propel the team to new heights. So challenge them, inspire them and together, let’s achieve excellence.

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