How do you recognize a Yellow? And how do you work with them?

Yellow people (also known as Communicative, Social or Influential) need to communicate and influence their environment, and are motivated by the need for recognition.

They appreciate conviviality and teamwork, and generally take decisions as a group. Charming, enthusiastic, even exuberant, epicurean, they like to please and have a sense of humor.

Attracted by action, new projects and innovative ideas, they are mobilizing, generous and overflowing with activity.

Yellow people are characterized by their need for connection and recognition. In a group, they’re the ones who liven up conversations and create a friendly environment. Always ready with a joke, he brings a touch of lightness and enthusiasm.

Working with a Yellow requires a different approach. They are attracted by social interaction and stimulating projects. To involve them effectively, you need to create an environment where they feel valued and listened to (need for recognition). Encourage them to share their ideas and take an active part in group decisions. Their energy can be contagious, so capitalize on their ability to mobilize others.

Of course, yellows have their limits. Their enthusiasm can sometimes lead them to be disorganized and to favor talk over action. It’s important to support them by providing a clear structure and helping them channel their energy towards concrete objectives.

To work effectively with a Yellow, be open to spontaneity and creativity. Encourage them to express their ideas freely and without judgment.

Celebrate their achievements and recognize their contribution to the team’s success.

Ultimately, working with a Yellow can bring a dose of dynamism and positivity to your team. Their ability to bond and inspire others can be a valuable asset in achieving your common goals. Every team needs Yellows!

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