How much does a recruitment error cost?

Many people will remember Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s French TV programme, Combien ça coûte?

Let’s ask ourselves the question: How much does a recruitment error cost, and how can we reduce the risks?

Here’s Versus Talent Profile’s answer in simple terms:

Recruiting the right candidates is crucial to the success of any business.

A recruitment error is costly, not only in financial terms, but also in terms of productivity and, above all, the working climate.

Think about it for a second: what good is the best specialist in his or her field if he or she doesn’t fit in with the team?

Paradoxically, recruitment errors rarely concern know-how, insofar as know-how is easily identifiable at the time of recruitment. This has been proven by numerous studies on the subject.

Obviously, assessing soft skills will not totally eliminate the risks, but it will help to drastically reduce them.

This is the case with the Versus Talent Profile range.

By assessing a candidate’s behavioural preferences, we can identify exactly what motivates them. And isn’t it said that an employee is all the more effective the more motivated he or she is for the task in hand?

But there’s another reason why Versus Talent Profile stands out from other solutions on the market:

It is the possibility for the company or organisation to define the ideal profile for a position to be filled. It does this by asking the head of the department or someone familiar with the position to complete the JobProfile online questionnaire. It takes around ten minutes.

The result is a document defining the ideal profile for the position, not just in terms of know-how, but also in terms of interpersonal skills. Together with other job profiles, it can form a real benchmark for workplaces in terms of behaviour.

In this way, they can make a real contribution to drastically reducing the risks associated with recruitment.

PS: And when it comes to the cost of recruitment errors, it all depends on the job. Let’s take the example of a recruitment error in sales. You have to take into account both the quantifiable costs linked to salary and training, and the induced costs linked to the negative impact on the market sector for which you are responsible.

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