The truth behind the mask

How PersProfile reveals the truth behind the answers, even when the respondent tries to cheat or put on a mask.

In addition to its ease of use, which is explained elsewhere, one of PersProfile’s strengths is that it easily detects if a person is cheating by systematically forcing the line in their assessment.
Let’s take an example: the respondent is applying for a job as an accountant and wants to pass himself off as an Analytic (a blue in colour jargon).
As we can assume, this is a colour generally common to all accountants or people working in the world of finance (even though we know some who, although they have the know-how for the activity, are rather communicative accountants). Blue expresses a need for rigour and perfection, describing a person who likes figures and planning.
PersProfile will detect the anomaly by exponentially exaggerating the line in the results document (for information, the document intended for the company contains 17 pages). The graph and associated comments will be deliberately exaggerated, attracting the attention of the person in charge of the feedback interview.

Let’s be clear: if someone cheats, consciously or unconsciously, on one or two answers, it won’t be possible to detect it. And in doing so, their cheating will have little effect, as the questionnaire contains 45 questions. So detection is not infallible. But the cheater rarely does it on just one or two questions, but rather on the whole assessment.
That said, generally speaking, cheating is fairly rare among the back office, front office and middle management employees responding to the questionnaire.
It is important to note that PersProfile is aimed at ‘normal’ people, not psychological cases. This tool is not designed to treat psychological disorders. The typology is based on the research of William Marston, Carl Gustav Jung and Peter Salovey and Daniel Goleman, the fathers of emotional intelligence. It’s worth noting that W. Marston became famous for his book “Emotions of normal people”, which clearly shows that his research environment focused on normal people.
In short, PersProfile can help to detect inauthentic behaviour, by signalling it to the person in charge of the feedback interview. This will be done during the results feedback interview, using a technique taught during the Product Certification course.
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